Inside Scoop: What’s cooking inside Madam Mandana’s massage parlour?

Four love birds are caged inside the house along with one split-up couple ; there are mixed vibes in the house and then there is Madam Mandana. I was stunned to see Mandana already being offered massage from his partner Keith.

Even after getting warned yesterday by his girlfriend to restrict being flirty, albeit harmless, with her partner, I saw Keith was giving back massage to Mandana and she was nicely seen enjoying herself. Notwithstanding, the disappointment of having a sexy partner who was already taken!

I couldn’t believe how blatantly she said the truth. As if this wasn’t enough for Rochelle to take, her jodidaar Prince also offered some back massage to Mandana.
Is something cooking up already? Is she trying to gang up against all girls and make her own gang with boys? Is that her game plan?

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Well, my sixth sense says, something big and noisy is going to happen in the house.
Stay hooked with us on colors to see why is Mandana getting so many hot back massages from the boys? I am going to to find out what her real strategy is?

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