Inside scoop: ‘Tu meri paris Hilton, Main tera chihuahua’

Inside scoop 'Tu meri paris Hilton, Main tera chihuahua'

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Ms Khabri’s eyes are blood shot and her nose is flaring. She is angry! No wait, she is actually sad and crying. Boohoohoo..
Today she saw Gautam flirting with Sonali and it was not a normal flirting but a larger than life, never seen before and a spectacular flirting!!! Booohoohoo… It looks like Gautam has found his new muse in the house. Last time we saw him singing his own composition that went like ‘Sonali tujhe le jaunga main manali’. He had also danced with Sonali. And, this time around his lines were even more creative and quirky. Do you all want to know what he said? He said ‘Tu meri paris hilton, main tera chihuahua’. Like really now!!! Why don’t I ever get such a hot chihuahua?
So basically, from a distance that i can see from, it looks like Gautam now prefers Manali over Bandra we mean Sonali over Diandra. That reminds me that Diandra now thinks that Gautam is a ‘Psycho’ and she said this on his face while talking about what all he has done till now in the house and here goes the background score in my head, ‘kitne ajeeb rishtey hai yaha pe.’

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