Inside Scoop: The housemates give away food – Qurbaniyaa continues!

Inside Scoop: The housemates give away food - Qurbaniyaa continues!

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Aarya – Soni – haan ji,
Bhukk lagi hai – naa ji
Khana khaoge – naa ji
Task mila hai – haan ji
Well this is what Aarya and Soni must be humming on Day 2 of Bigg Boss.
The ‘Qurbaniyaa’ continues on Day 2 for the Bigg Boss contestants as well. The secret society forbids Aarya and Soni from having their lunch.
To control their hunger streak they locked themselves inside the vimaan while the other inmates were enjoying their lunch. Looks like hunger struck the comic chord of these two inmates as they were seen bonding on Govinda’s comic flicks. From Deewana Mastana to Aunty No.1 every comical flick was a part of their conversation. Not only this, they even recited some cult dialogues of Salman and Aamir starrer Andaz Apna Apna like ‘Teja main hun mark idhar hai’ and ‘Crime Master Gogo, aaya hun toh kuch le kar jaunga’.
What else do you think the housemates would have to ‘Qurbaan’ in the name of task? Well, we will just have to wait and watch!

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