Inside scoop: Task to take a dangerous turn

Task to take a dangerous turn

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After an eventful first day of the task, Super hero vs Super Villain, it was time for some more masala in Day 2. And from where Ms Khabri can see, it looks like that the ‘Hudhud’ cyclone has changed its direction towards the Bigg Boss house*biting nails in fear.
Let me tell you what has happened- Super hero Karishma has been successful in getting maximum housemates in her team and on the other hand, the Super villain team is left with Puneet, Praneet, Gautam, Sonali and Pritam. And last night the Villain team continued with their task of being true blue devils by not letting the oppositions team sleep. Yeah! I could hear the noise till my room uffff..
So, now Bigg Boss has given team villain another chance to come back in the game by replacing the heroes flag kept in the garden with their villain flag. The super heroes have to save it… OMG and ‘Hudhud’ has come closer…
OMG I am flying…I can see Sonali and Diandra fighting!!!…and now Karishma and Pritam are fighting!!!…on and now Gautam is fighting with Diandra!!!…and Aarya is screaming!!!….and now Praneet is screaming!!! And now everyone is screaming…!!!

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