Inside Scoop Sushant was about to slap Gautam!

Inside Scoop Sushant was about to slap Gautam!

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During the second day of Hijack task, Sushant was sitting on a chair when Gautam in an effort to irritate Sushant applied balm on his face. Sushant got so uncomfortable that he started crying. It added as an advantage for Gautam, he realized that Sushant’s breaking point is closer. He again applied balm on Sushant’s face.
In a defending move, Sushant took off his t-shirt to wipe his face. Gautam spotted that and tried to snatch Sushant’s t-shirt. Alert Sushant managed to pull his t-shirt and replied, “I’ll slap him (Gautam)!”
It was then Deepshikha intervened and told Sushant to compose himself!
To know what happened next, stay tuned to Bigg Boss 8 on Colors!

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