Inside Scoop Sonali to “Xpose” housemates!

Inside Scoop: Sonali to "Xpose" housemates!

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In an interesting twist on Day 12, Bigg Boss gave Sonali a task “Xpose” to rank housemates in an order from 1 to 14 on the basis of surat (looks), neeyat (intention) aur haisiyat (status).
Sonali was the sole decision maker for the task. She was given three categories to rank each house member:
Looks: To rank housemates on the basis of how good they looked on TV.
Intention: To rank the housemates on the basis of how genuine they are at heart.
Status: To rank the housemates on the basis of their status as a player in the house.
Sonali was also asked to describe the reasons for ranking people number 1 that is first and number 14 that is last. However, Bigg Boss also gave the opportunity to contestants who were ranked 1 and 14 to defend themselves for reason of getting nominated.

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