Inside Scoop Pritam’s team to enter the new house too but…!

Inside Scoop Pritam's team to enter the new house too but...!

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Deepshikha’s team has already entered the house in the morning today and they are enjoying all the comfort. And now there is a twist! Pritam’s team too will enter the new house but there are terms and conditions of Bigg Boss! Since they lost the Hijack task, Bigg Boss asked them to choose two members of their team who will never be able to enjoy any comfort and luxury in the new house this entire season instead they will have to live like slaves. The other five members will also have to live without any luxury till they earn it by winning future tasks.
After a lot of debate, Pritam’s team decided Gautam and Praneet as those two members who will live like slaves.
With this Pritam’s team also got entry into the new house!

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