Inside Scoop: OMG! Diandra gets injured!

Inside Scoop: OMG! Diandra gets injured!

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Have you seen such dedication in a task by any of the inmates?! Meet Diandra Soares who can now proudly say that ‘Task ke liye, maine apna khoon and paseena laga diya!”. During the luxury task given by the Bigg Boss, Diandra got involved in the task so much so that she didn’t even remember how she got hurt and started bleeding.
“I can see my bone, oh my god. I can see my bone!” well, this is what she was heard screaming after realizing her pain. On the request of Sushant, the doctor was sent inside the house for the first aid.
Later on, Deepshika was seen taking the help of home remedies to give some relief to Diandra, applying haldi on her hand and to our surprise she even took some red chillies to ward off the evil.
Well, only the doctor, Diandra and Bigg Boss knows how mild or worse is the injury.
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