Inside Scoop: Karishma and her adjusting issues

Inside Scoop: Karishma and her adjusting issues

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A family that eats together, sleeps together is a happy family. But mind you! Bigg Boss House ain’t no place for family and bonding. We are just putting words to Karishma’s feelings.
Bigg Boss made an announcement and asked the housemates to stay away from the Big Bed. After this the housemates were seen in a dilemma as they had to shuffle the beds. The housemates came to a mutual understanding that Karishma would give up her single bed and share bed with Diandra.
But looked like things didn’t go well with this leggy lass and she questioned the inmates, “Why am I grinding, when no one else can compromise to the situation.”
Will the housemates come up with a feasible answer to her question?

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