Inside Scoop Housemates skeptical about Deepshikha!

Inside Scoop Housemates skeptical about Deepshikha

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The day started very unexpected for the housemates! First, two more new entries in the house — Deepshikha and Pritam, second — an unusual task in which for the first time inmates compete against each other. And then Gautam’s fowl language. Housmates are feeling mixed and some of them are even feeling lost!
After all this when Bigg Boss gave them Hijack task part 2, Karishma denied doing the task. And when Deepshikha tried convincing Karishma being the captain of the team, she screamed on Deepshikha. After witnessing this, housmates have become skeptical of Deepshikha!They are discussing that despite yesterday’s chaos, Deepshikha was only thinking about the task.

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