Inside Scoop: Different people different issues!

Inside Scoop Different people different issues!

Looks like our red haired beauty ‘D’ is going through a rough patch in the house. She was feeling very low and I saw her sharing her thoughts with Minissha on how lonely she feels in house. Diandra told Minissha that she feels everyone is conspiring against her for no reason. The most strange part of the conversation was when she said that the entire house is on one side and she alone on the other.

To which, our expert adviser in the house Minissha, tried to calm her down and secretly gave tips on how to handle people. Can I get an appointment too Mini? Well, I dont know if you have noticed but Minissha is very good at preaching; who cares about practicing though. Hush! Shouldn’t reach her ears or she will start acting like a lawyer giving justifications ,remember how she did to Gauhar and Sargun (winks).

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On the other hand, The P2G of the house, I mean Pritam,Gautam and Puneet had some other issue in the house. The three musketeers were found criticizing the food being cooked in the house lately and were cribbing about the how the quality has gone down and how the rotis were looking like papad. Hello chefs! Karishma and Soni did you hear that? We will see how Salman Khan reacts to the bickering of these kids and this week, Kiski lagegi vaat!

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