Inside Scoop Diandra fumes over Gautam!

Inside Scoop Diandra fumes over Gautam!

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Till now Diandra was ignoring Gautam but after Sonali’s re-entry into the house, it seems her ignorance has converted into anger. As per his duty as a waiter, Gautam served food to everyone this afternoon. While Diandra was having lunch she left a chilly on her plate. Gautam immediately picked it and removed it. This fumed up Diandra and she was seen creating ruckus about it. To almost all housemates she said that now it is too much. And that she would not spare him any more!
She was spotted telling Upen, “He is trying to behave like an over enthusiastic French waiter and it is too much! If he has served food then he should leave na? What is the need to stand over our heads?”
Has this anger something to do with the closeness between Gautam and Sonali?

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