Inside scoop: Aarya wants to do something special

Inside scoop Aarya wants to do something special

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When people are in love they do some cute things for each other and there is something that I can’t stop me from going awww. This is what happened when Aarya called out Karishma to help him with ideas to plan his ‘someone special’s’ birthday. If you are too intrigued to know who that special person is, well only Aarya can tell us that. Aarya was asking Karishma for ideas which he can do while he is inside the Bigg Boss house for his someone special. Karishma came up with quite a few ideas like making a song, making a cake, making a gift, requesting Bigg Boss to talk to her etc etc. After so many ideas being bounced off him, Aarya was happy that he consulted Karishma, who also happens to be his someone special’s friend. Karishma told him that he should have planned something for her before coming to Bigg Boss house. Karishma also happens to be his someone special’s friend and guess what, she has already made arrangements to send a gift too her (waah Tanna!) . Now what Aarya finally decides to do, we will have to wait and watch.

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