Inside Scoop Aarya points out Sonali!

Inside Scoop Aarya points out Sonali!

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Things got complicated last night when Gautam and Sukirti’s fight triggered several fights in the house and inmates taunted each other. In an attempt to support Sukirti, Aarya ended up taunting Sonali. Firstly he told Sonali to stay quiet and later he said, “A guy sings one song for one girl and next week he sings the same song for the other girl. That girl should understand that the guy is not right. First of all a girl should respect another girl!”
After listening this, Sonali interrupted and said, “Why are you involving me in all this? You will not tell me, whom I should be friends with!”
On Sushant’s insistence Aarya went to say sorry to Sonali but Sonali said, “You do the same thing with everyone. First you say things and then apologize!”

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