In Pics: Meet Bigg Boss fame ‘Jallad’ aka Chintan Gangar in real life

In Pics: Meet Bigg Boss fame ‘Jallad’ aka Chintan Gangar in real life

Weekend episode of Bigg Boss is fun to watch. Episode featuring Salman Khan shows the best of the week. Well, this special episode has one more entertaining personality called Jallad, who refuses to laugh no matter how much you try your best.

In an exclusive interaction with Daily Jallad aka Chintan Gangar speaks about his popular character, host Salman Khan and many more…

“I am Kacchi Jain, 27 year old staying in Dahisar, Mumbai. I stay with my mother (Chetna Ramji Gangar) and my father died 16yrs before. I love to sing, dance, eat, and go for a night out. I have huge family with 1500 people both from mothers and fathers side. Playing Jallad in Bigg Boss was the turning point of my life. Salman Khan saw my first act and he was very impressed and here I am with Season 8 too”, says Chintan Gangar.

Jallad is totally opposite of what Chintan is in real life. The actor says, “. I am the person who always smiles no matter how difficult life is it. While shooting, I never too retake so far; nobody could make me laugh. I think it’s a God gift. I know to control my laughter, but yes when I am out of the stage, I keep laughing.”

Chintan made his appearance in Season 7, but the makers were not keen in considering him again for Season 8. But on the request of Salman Khan, audience is enjoying Jallad’s character this season too. “Salman is very supporting and am very proud and lucky to have a Godfather like him.

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He encourages me a lot. He supports me in everything I do. Because of him, I am doing this show. I have never seen a person like him. He is very good person will full of understanding. Also, few days back he celebrated my birthday on the set of Bigg Boss.”

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