Housemates have started taking their tasks way too seriously: Recap, Day 24


The day started with a lot of cribbing! Gautam was found complaining about Karishma damaging his bad while hiding the T shirts. He thought it was a personal attack!

Villain being villain, Puneet and Gautam tells Karishma categorically that its their task to rob, steal or do anything to destroy the peace of the house. To which Minissha advices Karishma to start singing a song. Just like how Gautam does.


Later Gautam and Puneet were seen discussing about Aarya and Minissha’s planning of coming in the house like stranges and then getting romantic. Following which they started criticizing Soni and her dynamics with Youpen! Carrying on, they called team Heros as a ‘Thuss’ team! LOLzz, Bitchwantis we tell you!

Bigg Boss announced Team Hero as the winner of the task on day one and revealed the second leg of the task wherein the winning team had to defend their turf (read flag) while villains had to conquer the area and hoist their flag. This time the housemate could not change their team.

During the continuation of the task, things took an ugly turn when Team Villain tried dangerous means to distract the Heros, who were guarding their flags.
Team Villain started lighting fire, pouring water and moving the benches on which team Heroes was standing. However, during the course, Heroes started retaliating to opponent’s mean strategies with the same vigour, which did not down too well with the Villains.

But the things catapulted from bad to worse when Sonali who was spraying water on Diandra got pushed around by the later. Looked like Diandra was too tough on Sonali and her team did not take it too well.

Villains got down to serious business and started becoming aggressive in displacing the Heroes.However, that was not the end of the matter and the contestants split into two different sides as they stood against what had transpired during the course of the task.

Look who wants to pack bag and go home!
Diandra’s rough behavior did not go down too well with Sonali, who packed her bags and pleaded to leave. Later, Bigg Boss called both the captains and counseled them to be sensible while performing the tasks.

As evening crept in, the side which believed that they had been wronged eventually calmed down and business resumed as normal in the Bigg Boss house with the occasional tiff or fun moment which cemented the bond amongst many contestants.

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However, when a day is that emotionally draining, Bigg Boss will always add an exciting element to balance it all out. As the contestants turned in thinking that the day had finally ended, Bigg Boss opened doors to the first wildcard contestant this season, Ali Quli Mirza! While the contestants looked at him in wonder, little are they aware that life as they know it is about to change!

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