Housemates find out their past and future! Recap, Halla Bol, Day 19

Housemates find out their past and future! Recap, Halla Bol, Day 19_4

Housemates woke up to this lovely message and surely it motivated them to play all the more harder!

Gautam tried to poke Ali via Dimpy, as he told Dimpy that his Dad’s side of the family is full of policemen and they might do a case on Ali for threatening to throw acid on his face. Ali promptly got instigated and came to confront Gautam that he hasn’t said anything as such and no case can be done. Gautam later had a good laugh at Ali’s reaction and clarified to the camera that he has no policemen in his family!

It was time to revisit old memories! First off Bigg Boss played all the lovey dovey moments and all ‘Awwwed’ as Diandra and Gautam’s love story video was played. Truly adorable!

Next it was the emotional story of Rahul and Dimpy’s reunion. It did bring tears to her eyes but everyone consoled her quite sweetly.

Karishma was all giggles when her love story with Upen was played and everyone felt it was too cute!

Bigg Boss has been a house where relations have changed by the minute! Bigg Boss gave all housemates a clear picture on who was how initally and how over a period of tiem the relations have turned, quite literally! In this Karishma and Gautam enjoyed watching their frenmity and so did Ali and Dimpy. But Pritam and Gaurtam’s friendship-gone-sour video was quite intense!

Pritam shared his hurt over Gautam with Dimpy and Ali saying that Gauti doesn’t know how to value relationships and he’s not happy with the way he reacted with him in the task and blamed him for playing politics. Gautam, on the other hand, was seen discussing with Karishma that if Pritam considered him his brother he wouldn’t talk to him so rudely and support Ali when Ali said some offending things in the task. Who’s side are you on?

It was time to find out what was in sotre for all in future from Pandit Janardhan Baba. Panditji told Gautam that his good time starts from age 29 and he would be very successful as a second lead. He has had two bad relations and even the current interest won’t last long. Sorry Di!

Karishma was told that she will have many offers in film line and she’ll marry a rich businessman who may be a divorcee. Even for her the current interest isn’t THE ONE. Oops, means no Oopi written in stars?

Panditji told Dimpy that was married to a ‘dusht praani’ meaning not a nice man, but she definitely has a second marriage in cards. Also her career will be made in fashion and not films. We’re looking at you Rahul!

Ali’s prediction was as hilarious as him as Panditji told him that he has ‘Jail Yatra’ written in his destiny. Ali will go to jail, hahahahha!

Pritam’s prediction by Panditji should serve like a warning for his wife, because he’s been told that he might cheat on his wife for another woman! OMG!! For the good news, Pritam has a bright future in film industry. Woot!

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Karishma later even personally spoke to Panditji trying to find out if she has a viable future with Upen. She clarified her whole situation including her relation with Rushabh Choksi, but Panditji clearly stated that she would marry a rich businessman, not someone from the industry. Uh-Oh!

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