Host Salman Khan to unexpected twists: 5 reasons why ‘Bigg Boss’ has an edge over other reality shows

The ‘Bigg Boss 9’ promo is out and as expected, it has started trending on all the social media platforms. The loyal fanbase of the Indian television’s biggest reality show is eager to watch a bunch of lesser-known celebrities (that’s been the trend in the past), trapped in the controversial house and trying their level best to survive 100 days.

So what makes ‘Bigg Boss’ franchise such a hit? How did a show, so foreign in approach, struck a chord with the Indian audience? Why has one of the most prominent stars of Indian cinema agreed to host such a controversial show?

1) Pleasure of Voyeurism
Agree on it or not, Indian viewers have a habit of voyeurism. They enjoy seeing events unfold in front of their eyes and it’s not just the big historical, important events but Indian viewers want to be a part of everyday event happening even at their neighbours house. When the concept of Big Brother was introduced in India as ‘Bigg Boss’, an entire everyday life of 12 people was kept open in front of the eyes of people who see voyeurism as a stress buster.
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2) Maintaining the legacy established by the first season of ‘Bigg Boss’
Well, who can deny the fact that ‘Bigg Boss’ was the boss and birth mother of every emotion we now see in every other season of the show? From fights to romance, Rakhi Sawant to Ravi Kishan, season 1 gave us so much ‘masala’ that eight season down we still find all of it interesting. With every season comes a legacy of new fight and romances and new household names for the Indian audience, which is not possible in any other season.
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3) ‘They’ are ‘Us’ ideology
There are reasons why the show never brings a highly known celebrity into the house. Apart from money and big celebrities maintaining distance from controversy, there is connectivity factor that plays in the minds of the makers and the audience. The bigger the celebrity, lesser is connectivity. A commoner sitting in front of his TV is able to connect more to a small struggling actor in Mumbai than a well established actor earning millions.

The lesser known the face is, the more ‘he is just like me’ echoes in the minds of audience. However, this does not mean you bring 12 commoners to a room. Every contestant is required to have a back story, a little bright and a
little a little gloomy with a little ego as a cherry on cake.
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4) A little unbelievable is believable
Why do the makers of ‘Bigg Boss’ keep a pattern? Why there needs to be a big ego clash, a reoccurring fight, two- three groups and a budding love story in every season? Well, the answer is that drama sells. The fan base of ‘Bigg Boss’ is huge because all of them at some point of time experiences the same drama or at least dreamt of it in their life.

The entire fantasy is packed to the audience in a reality show, where two people living together for 50 days, develop feelings for each other, or two people have clashes, this is the believable fact that people connect to. So everything that happens in front of 100 of cameras might not be real but the construction and inspiration of the event is.
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5) The ‘new twist’ trick right in the beginning
Well, not all reality shows in India can boast of having the advantage of altercating with the format of the show every new season. ‘Bigg Boss’ started off with this trend a few seasons back has been a giving a new flavour to the audience diligently, at least in the initial weeks. The content of the show has become quirky, all about
the audience and fluid.

This adding the twist not only prompts audience to watch the show, but also creates a buzz around it way before airing. Once you start watching the show for the ‘twist’, it gradually becomes a part of 9 PM life and when the twist is removed and by the time show removes that twist and comes back to its original fabric, you already start rooting for an inmate. Isn’t it?

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All the above factors make ‘Bigg Boss’ ace the race of reality TV shows. With new faces, old concept, new altercations, old format and one and only Salman Khan, ‘Bigg Boss’ will continue to have an edge over all other reality TV shows.

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