Here’s why I think Bigg Boss Halla Bol was scripted!

Here’s why I think Bigg Boss Halla Bol was scripted

Bigg Boss Halla Bol was a show born out of desperation. Why do we say so? Well, to begin with it started only coz their much ambitious project Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat was delayed and with no other program to fill in the channel decided to extend Bigg Boss instead. They not only ended up losing their most loved host Salman Khan, many fans, but also a belief that it is a spontaneous show. I believe all their attempts to salvage the situation backfired and only went on to show that BBHB is SCRIPTED! Here’s why I think so…

Finalists: Is it mere coincidence or then a planned act that none of the challengers made it to the Grand finale? The fact that the challengers who entered the house were the only ones who got evicted. Bigg Boss conveniently chucked three new entrants Mahek Chahal, Rahul Mahajan and their special entrant Upen Patel from the house in just one week!

Considering that elimination has otherwise been a weekly procedure, this one was too much in a haste, almost like they had o do the needful before they hit the deadline. All this effort doesn’t just put out their game plan out in the open, but also ended up like a half cooked meal that is hard to digest.

Upen-Karishma love story: Karishma didn’t seem like the girl who will fall for an actor with a failing career. While she shared a decent rapport with Upen Patel, she also kept chanting about her boyfriend (Rushabh Choksi) outside the house. Upen’s second inning in the house was certainly more productive coz he managed to win over the lady in question. With no Salman Khan, this is all that the channel could think of to instantly up the TRPs. And we hear that the finale too will see this tricky love triangle live!

Gimmicky: Ajaz Khan was ousted from the house for misbehaviour. Isn’t it shocking then that the makers have brought him back again before they conclude the show. From a fake love story (Upen – Karishma) to cat fights between Dimpy Ganguly and Sambhavna Seth. Use of foul language to throwing shoes at co-contestants, the makers ensured that the spiciest episode highlights of previous seasons were incorporated in the lackluster Halla Bol show. Explains to us why even Salman couldn’t continue watching this extended version of his Bigg Boss 8.

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If I was to watch the same melodrama unfolding with not even convincing characters, I would choose to go back and catch Dolly Bindra, Raja Chaudhary, Kamaal R Khan and Sky in the last few seasons. After all they looked more real than this bunch who tried hard, but failed miserably!

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