Guess who may be joining Bigg Boss 9? Adult film star Mia Khalifa

Porn may have been banned for a while in India, but no one else can turn up the heat on television as much as adult film actors can. While there have been many rumours about the upcoming contestants, nothing official has come from Colors about the final list of Bigg Boss inmates.

Viewers of the reality show will recall how in the past, Sunny Leone and Pamela Anderson visited (and lived) in the house, causing quite the stir. According to this report, adult film actor Mia Khalifa has been approached by the producers of the show to participate and they are waiting for a response.

Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese-American adult model and actor, and according the’s data, she is ranked the top most porn star on their website.
Additionally, she has been receiving death threats and has been heavily criticised for her occupation.

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At the centre of her criticism are two factors: A tattoo she sports on her forearm which reads ‘Koullouna lil-watan, lil’oula lil-‘alam’ — the first line of the Lebanese national anthem. She was also recently seen in a porn video wearing a hijab.
Bigg Boss is an Indian version of international reality show Bigg Brother. It has a number of celebrity contestants living in a house under the surveillance of 24-hour cameras.

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