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Go Sonali, It's your Birthday

What do you think Sonali wished for on her Birthday? She requested for a party with some good party numbers and requested Bigg Boss (through the camera), “ Bigg Boss please acche gaane baja dijiye mujhe dance karna hai, mujhe apne lattke aur jhattke dene hain.” She looked quite chirpy through the day and was quite ecstatic in her brand new blue outfit!

Sonali also received a cake from Bigg Boss along with a handwritten letter from her family. She looked extremely thrilled after reading the letter,as she had expected. The letter was on behalf of her parents and four sisters, who had sent her heartfelt wishes and blessings on her birthday when she was being missed by them terribly! Sonali got a little emotional and mentioned that she couldn’t have asked for more. She was seen telling thank you to Bigg Boss a number of times.

Sonali’s Birthday cake was set in the garden area and she made a wish before blowing the candle and everyone sang the birthday song. The first piece of cake went for Punzz, being the eldest and the day looked quite jubiliant!

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I couldnt get the cake though but, a very Hap Hap Happy birthday to Sonali!

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