Glimpses: Rajat Sharma Ki Adaalat in Bigg Boss

Glimpses: Rajat Sharma Ki Adaalat in Bigg Boss_4

Politicians are scared of him, Superstars fear meeting him and today he is at the Bigg Boss season 8 finale to grill our top three finalists.

Rajat Sharma took out time to meet our real champions and also lure them to leave the race and walk out smiling with 25 Lakh INR. Inthe process he also put them in spot where even Gauti could’nt defend himself!

Pritam realized how deluded he was in the game and promised to change himself. Rajat pricked Karishma’s bubble of ‘I, Me, Myself’ with his sharp words.

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Even our very own Gautam couldn’t get away with his cute smile and lovely dimples when Rajat put some allegations on him.

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