Gautam Wins Bigg Boss 8- Halla Bol

Gautam Wins Bigg Boss 8- Halla Bol

It was a tough fight for the top three contestant to win the title as all of them deserved to win the Bigg Boss 8- Halla Bol trophy.

RJ Pritam Singh decided to take the briefcase which had 25 lakh rupees and decided to walk out and now it was either Karishma or Gautam.

Farah Khan lifts the winners hand and that’s Gautam Gulati. Gautam’s reaction was priceless when he won the Bigg Boss 8- Halla Bol title.

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Gautam’s mother gives him the winners trophy. A moment to be captured for a lifetime.
The Host Farah Khan with the second runner up Pritam Singh, Frist runner up Karishma Tanna and the winner of Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol Gautam Gulati.

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