Gautam tells Puneet that he draws better than Sushant!

 Gautam tells Puneet that he draws better than Sushant!

Colors’ popular reality show Bigg Boss 8 is moving ahead with some new controversies, tasks and much more interesting twists with the passing days.

Now, as days are passing by the contestants of the house are all set to get their new task which might create some controversies in the house.

Our source informed us, “Bigg Boss will be giving a luxury budget task to the inmates this time according to which, Sushant was asked to draw the items which was written on the backside of a wooden block and the rest of the contestants have to guess it order to win that particular item. Sushant drew some items on the board and the inmates won a lot of food in 5 minutes after guessing the items.”

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Further we also heard that, “Gautam was seen talking to Puneet that if he would have given a chance to draw the items then the inmates could have won more items as he draws well and he also told him that he also draw portraits.”

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