Gautam Gulati talks about kissing on screen for ‘MTV Big F’

Gautam Gulati might have been out of news for quite sometime, given that the TV star who created a storm on Bigg Boss 9 last year decided to stay away from the small screen and opt for a Bollywood career instead. He’s already bagged a role in Ekta Kapoor’s next- Azhar- where he plays the role of Ravi Shastri. But he recently grabbed headlines when pictures of him kissing some girl went viral on the internet.

No, he isn’t randomly kissing girls here! The kissing scene is a part of the promos of his next TV show-MTV Big F which he’s already a part of. The promos have gone on air and the show is also going to air soon.

Talking about his new project, Gautam tells us, “As an artist, I am always looking at ways to challenge myself. After having done several shows as an actor and appearing on a reality show, I was really keen on taking up anchoring as my next challenge and MTV has provided me with the perfect platform with MTV Big F.”

The show, Gautam reveals, is very similar to the brand of MTV- quirky and edgy. “Just like MTV which is super edgy, the show MTV Big F is going to showcase stories and concepts that have never been explored on Indian television before. It’s indeed a thrilling experience to be a part of something so different and exciting.”

How much has the show progressed already? ” I just shot for the promo, which keeping in line with the concept of the show, explores fantasies people have. For the first time ever I got play a man in uniform – a fighter pilot at that – which was pretty cool.”

Last time, he kissed someone, he had cooked up a storm on Bigg Boss 8. This time, it’s just a requirement for his work, he rues. “To add to that, I’m seen kissing on screen for the first time. It looks perfect and matches the vibe of the show. Also, it sets the tone for what’s to come once the show goes on air,” Gautam defends.

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All’s fine but we just want to remind Gautam one thing: This ain’t your first kiss on screen, Gauti. Remember kissing Diandra Soares before? We haven’t forgotten that yet!

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