Gautam Gulati out of Bigg Boss 8?

Bigg Boss 8: Some Pursue Happiness While Others Shed Tears: Synopsis, Day 66

Gautam Gulati who has been one of the most loved contestants on Bigg Boss 8 ever since the show’s inception has always managed to catch everyone’s attention with his crazy moves and trademark antics. But has the TV star been evicted from the house?

Few people noticed Gautam walking through streets in Delhi and thought that our BB 8 hero is already out of the house. But here’s what the truth is.

Gautam has a similar looking elder brother Mohit Gulati who has striking resemblance to the BB8 contestant. So every time people spot Mohit on the streets, they mistake him for Gautam and sometimes even show panic.

When Mohit was asked about it, he said its a usual thing and Gautam is still in the house and he hopes that his brother wins the show!

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As for the audiences, Gautam has not yet been evicted and will continue entertaining everyone the way he usually does till the time he’s actually taken out of the show!

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