Gautam Gulati or Praneet Bhatt will win Bigg Boss 8, says evicted contestant Natasa Stankovic

Gautam Gulati or Praneet Bhatt will win Bigg Boss 8, says evicted contestant Natasa Stankovic

Natasa Stankovic is the latest person to have been evicted from Bigg Boss 8. Being a sweet and dainty contestant in the Bigg Boss house, Natasa stayed miles away from all the arguments and fights. Hence, her non-visibility became an issue, which is one of the major reasons why she’s probably out of the house now.

In an interview with dna after coming out of the house, Natasa said that as much as she would not want some people to win, the toss would be between Gautam Gulati and Praneet Bhatt to emerge winners this season. “Gautam will definitely go to the finale. He has become a hero outside but in the house, he spreads negative energy. He is not himself. He is being someone else just for the sake of the game. But then, he will end up in the finals, I am sure. Also, I feel Praneetji is a strong contender. But unlike Gautam, he is very real and straight forward. He is a nice person and I would want him to win the show.”

She could not come up with a third name but she did tell us that she wished Deepshikha Nagpal was never eliminated. “Deepshikha and I were very good friends on the show and she was a very strong woman. Her elimination shocked us because we thought she would be a finalist for sure”, the Serbian actress said.

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Ask her if she would like to go back to the Bigg Boss house yet again and pat comes her reply. “Yes, it was a wonderful experience. I got to face a lot of challenges but in totality, my Bigg Boss journey was fantastic. I did not want to come out so soon, although I wanted to leave the house in the first week. If Bigg Boss gives me another chance to get back on the show, I would definitely go for it,” she signs off.

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