Gautam Gulati is most promising to win Bigg Boss 8, says Ajaz Khan

Gautam Gulati is most promising to win Bigg Boss 8, says Ajaz Khan

After an open public brawl with Ali Quli Mirza inside Bigg Boss Halla Bol and his subsequent eviction, Ajaz Khan was back inside the ‘house’ to even out his score with the former. He says they have patched up.

Ajaz was shown entering the show Friday. On being back in the “Bigg Boss” house, Ajaz said: “I didn’t want to. Not after the unceremonious way I was thrown out. But my fans wanted me back very badly. I had to return for their sake.”

Once in, Ajaz did what was uppermost on his mind. ”I confronted Ali, asked him pointblank why he behaved the way he did with me. He admitted his mistake. We hugged and patched up,” he said. Ajaz feels contestant Gautam Gulati has every chance of winning “Bigg Boss Halla Bol”, which will end Saturday.

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“Pritam (Singh) and Gautam are both very promising. They’ve a huge fan following and either could win. But Gautam has an edge. I’ve asked all my fans to vote for him,” he said.

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