Gautam Gulati Hurt Hand Damaging Bigg Boss 8 Property In Anger!

Gautam Gulati Hurt Hand When Damaging Bigg Boss 8 Property In Anger_1

Bigg Boss 8’s Gautam Gulati was seen punching a wooden door in front of Ali Quli Mirza, RJ Preetam, Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna to show them he is angry and he can do some damage if needed and the Bigg Boss will ignore things in the house.

After the recent incident during the ‘Torture Cage’ task, Gautam was badly hurt with some of the words that was said to him by Ali just with the intention to provoke him. Apart from this, he was more hurt and disappointed that his friends and Bigg Boss too did not come to his help. To show his anger on Ali and Bigg Boss, Gautam was seen making some property damage in the garden area.

Gautam punched the door and damaged it, hurting his knuckles in the process. His hurt hand was seen when he was later talking to Preetam in the bathroom area in Bigg Boss 8 house. After staying away from everyone for a day, Gautam was almost back to himself the next day. This was when he showed off his boxing talent to the others. Though Ali made fun of Gautam’s behaviour after he left the place, it was obvious that Ali was genuinely scared.

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Bigg Boss 8’s by far most popular contestant, Gautam, also tried to make Preetam understand that his emotions were made fun of by taking Preetam’s wife, Aman Jyot’s name. When Preetam tried to justify to Gautam that Ali was just having fun, Gautam took his wife’s name to make his point. Gautam just took Preetam’s wife and stayed mum, this made Preetam extremely angry, which was what Gautam trying to say.

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