Gautam Gulati and Puneet Issar call Karishma self-centered

Bigg Boss asked the housemates to nominate a person

Bigg Boss, Day 23
Unlike other days, Bigg Boss asked the housemates to nominate a person whom they would want to keep in the house.The contestants had to name one person from the house they would safeguard. Upen, Pranit, Sushant got the maximum votes and declared safe by Bigg Boss. The rest were all nominated this week.

Bigg Boss, Day 23-2
In the evening, the task %u2018Rose Day%u2019 is introduced, wherein the contestants are asked to present roses as a thank you measure to the contestants that they believe have saved them from eviction.

Bigg Boss, Day 23-3
Bigg Boss also gives Gautam the task to ask questions to the housemates. Gautam confronts Karishma and calls her ‘self-centered’ and is supported by Puneet Issar.

Arya Babbar also apologized to Minissha Lamba
Arya Babbar also apologized to Minissha Lamba for speaking about their past on national television.

Bigg Boss, Day 23-5
One of the most popular contestants in the house currently, Pranit Bhatt got three votes and was safeguarded from next week’s elimination.

Bigg Boss, Day 23-6
Puneet and Gautam have both been nominated for next week’s nominations.

Bigg Boss, Day 23-7
Karishma was defensive and stated that she has not committed any crime by thinking about herself first and then about others.

Bigg Boss, Day 23-8
Sushant accidentally hurt his left eye post a glass breaks on the table. He immediately rushed to rinse his eyes and medicated himself through eye drops which Sonali gave him.

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Bigg Boss, Day 23-9
While he feels better immediately, a doctor came to check him and prescribed a precautionary medicine to ensure that there is no hidden injury which could spring up on a later date.

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