Gautam gets tortured: Recap, Halla Bol Day 13

Gautam gets tortured: Recap, Halla Bol Day 13

In the wee hours Sambhavna announced that she’s giving up the task as her knees were starting to swell up. Now it was only Dimpy, Pritam and Gautam left in the game.

Mehek was constantly supporting Gautam in the task and provided him with jackets and food. Pritam didn’t like it since Mehek was supposed to be in his team and asked Ali to talk to her. Ali tried but Mehek said she would do on humanitarian basis.

Bigg Boss threw in another googly and sent a brifecase allowing any one housmeate to walk out from the Torture cage and accept the briefcase. Dimpy chose to opt out as her health was giving up and when she opened the briefcase to see her prize, it was filled with boxes of pizzas! OMG!!!

Bigg Boss asked Karishma and Ali to support their teams and provoke Gautam and Pritam to give up the game. Ali planned with Pritam that he will torture Gautam so that he gives up and even stated the same on camera. But when he started provoking Gautam, Ali made some below the belt comments which really affected Gautam.

Sambhavna, Rahul and even to some extenet Karishma tried supporting Gautam and asked Ali to stop making personal comments but Ali said that’s his game and he’s onyl trying to provoke Gautam so he leaves the game.

Gautam felt extremely hurt by Ali’s statements and gave up the task saying he doesn’t want to play dirty like others. He congratulated Pritam on his win.

Gautam broke down and blamed Sambhavna, Rahul and Pritam for not taking a stand for him when Ali was insulting him. He felt bad that at least on humanitarian grounds someone could have supported him.

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While others felt Gautam was overreacting, only Mehek remained by his side and tried to console him. Ali remained adamant that he’s ready to apologise but he only did everything in the task and meant nothing personally.

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