Gautam and Dimpy answer to Farah! Recap #WeekendkaHallaBol

Gautam and Dimpy answer to Farah! Recap #WeekendkaHallaBol_3

First off Dimpy was called in the kadghara and Farah asked why she overreacted when Sambhavna didn’t save her in nominations. Dimpy explained that she was expecting too much out of Sambhavna because the latter had started to get really friendly with her and she felt they two shared a much better bond than Karishma and Sam.

Sambhavna in her defence replied that she actually shares a much better bond with Karishma and its in her nature to be affectionate and caring and she was just doing that towards Dimpy. She was extremely hurt by Dimpy’s comment that she used her for image correction. Farah advised her to keep a check on her language, especially when talking on camera and Sambhavna agreed that she loses it when its about Dimpy because even her mere voice irritates her.

Farah questioned Gautam a.k.a Gullu about why he overreacted when Ali provoked him and it was disappointing that he left the task. Gullu shared that at that moment he felt very alone because his team wasn’t supporting him much and no one was trying to provoke Pritam and that made him feel that everyone wanted Pritam to win, so he gave up the task.

He admitted that he regrets giving up the task and maybe because he stood for so long he assumed no one supported him but that wasn’t true. Upen spoke in his defence and clarified that Gautam could have stood for hours in the task , it was only because of Ali’s words that he was hurt.

Pritam commented that he felt bad that Gautam used his wife’s name to clarify a point but again Farah made him understand that Gautam hadn’t said anything with wrong intention but was only trying to explain a point. Their friendship was once again questioned in which Pritam said he considers Gautam like his younger brother and wants him to trust him. Gautam agreed he too wants to maintain a good relation with Pritam but his bonding with Ali has somehow tampered with their relations.

When Ali was called in the kadghara he accepted all the blames saying its all a part of his game. Farah asked why he thinks he can talk any rubbish in the name of task and Ali agreed that later he felt bad about the words he said to Gautam but was equally hurt to know that all time all housemates try to prove him as a dirty player when everyone does the same.

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Farah brought out the topic of Ali having a 45-minute speech to speak against Karishma. He tried to end the topic and not reveal what he wanted to say and Karishma blamed him for being a cheap person. On a side note, Sambhavna was declared safe in this week’s eviction!

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