Farah takes Karishma’s class #WeekendKaHallaBol

Farah takes Karishma's class #WeekendKaHallaBol_4

Farah began the class by teasing Karishma and Upen’s budding romance. She even gave them a cute nickname ‘UpMa’. Hahahahah! All housemates expressed how romantic the two have been getting by the day and Sambhavna felt clearly jealous!

Coming on to serious topics Farah asked Karishma regarding all the conflicts that she had throughout the week. Karishma was asked to explain as to why she used Dimpy’s name to clear her character image. Farah blamed her for using the task to vent her personal frustration and Rahul was made the target.

Farah also stated that only when Upen came back that’s when Karishma started to oppose Raul’s flirtations and snubbed him off. Farah praised the way Rahul handled himself in the task and didn’t even once make a personal comment on Karishma and applauded for the same.

Dimpy blamed herself for Rahul’s insult in the task done by Karishma. She felt if she wouldn’t have shared her feelings with KT on a personal level, the latter wouldn’t get a chance to use it in the game.

Coming on to captaincy Farah accused Karishma for not taking her responsibility seriously. Everyone agreed to it stating that since Upen’s return Karishma has remained distracted and didn’t focus while acting as Captain

In previous nominations Gautam got complete support from Champions team but Farah felt there was more to it than team bonding. Gautam too shared that he was shocked to see them support him and felt it was pre-planned. Rahul also added that throughout the week the Champions hardly talk to Gautam but in nominations they pretended to be in support with him for the audience.

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Farah asked Karishma that how did she declare Dimpy as the worst performer in the task when it was clearly between Mahek and Pritam who didn’t perform well. Karishma tried justifying her decision but Farah wasn’t impressed.

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