Family Ties for Pritam and Masala Chai from Natasa

Family Ties for Pritam and Masala Chai from Natasa

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To sheer surprise, Pritam got emotional after recieving message from his sweet wife! Awwww! And to add cherry on cake when he got to know that his little baby crawled for the first time *a tear of happiness trickles* !! How touching that could be <3 . Interestingly, the Big Boss House certainly acts as a catalyst in strengthening the bonds between families and manier times the estranged ones too. how meaningful that can be isn’t it?? Talking about the family, one of our in-house family member, Natasa, the girl next door seems to be getting over with her firangi image, in the first week the petite lass was shown nominated by maximum housemates because of her being not so used to of ‘chatpata khana’ however off late she seems to be getting a knack of Indian cooking skills when she made ‘chaai’for the house mates and gained all praises ahaan!. Somewhere close to future ‘Indian Bahu’.*Winks*

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