Exclusive Bigg Boss 9 With Salman Khan: Guess Who Won The Lagaan Task?

This year ‘Bigg Boss 9′ is all about double trouble and with the second week of the show, the contestants break their patience and frustrations. Finally the real game begins among the housemates who are surviving themselves in ‘Bigg Boss 9′ house with their jodidaars.

On day 9, ‘Bigg Boss’ started a new task named ‘Lagaan’ and special powers were given to Aman and Kishwer in the task. The duo was made the ‘zamindaars’ of the house and the remaining contestants were workers.

During the task, each worker had to pay a certain amount of ‘lagaan’ in order to use his or her desired services in the house. In order to pay their ‘lagaan’, they had to go through the hardships of different tasks in which one of the tasks was to grind the grains like helpless peasants.

As earlier we exclusively revealed that the contestant went too serious about the task which lead to fights and arguments one after other. Jodis Mandana-Keith had an ugly fight among them during the task where Mandana annoyed everyone by her stubborn behaviour.

The more task went ahead the more fights were seen, also Mandana who was targeted by all the contestants when she robbed the coins, decided to leave the house. She made a request to ‘Bigg Boss’ that she wants to leave the house and that everyone is against her. She also cried and fainted, where ‘Bigg Boss’ had to urgently call doctors in the house.

Well, now we exclusively reveal that the task was over and meanwhile ‘Bigg Boss’ declared the winner of the task and it was none other than jodi and zamindaars Kishwer-Aman.

The duo win the task with 536 coins and as ‘Bigg Boss’ had made a deal that if they win the task their rope would be unlocked, the duo were free from each other. We are sure nobody would be as happy as Kishwer who is free from her partner Aman that she had been wanting since long.

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