EXCLUSIVE: Bigg Boss 11’s Priyank Sharma: I don’t regret interfering in Vikas Gupta and Akash Dadlani’s fight

The Bigg Boss 11 house is definitely a land of controversies, both wanted and unwanted. While the first 10 seasons have seen hatred, negativity and arguments build in with time, this season has witnessed major arguments, fights and even scuffles right from the first day itself.

Considering celebrity contestants Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta’s never-ending rivalry, it proves that the two had been at loggerheads even before they entered the Bigg Boss house. The first sudden eviction in Bigg Boss 11 was that of model-cum-actor Priyank Sharma. Priyank lost control over his anger and violated the primary Bigg Boss rule of not using violence against any housemate. Post his angry reaction, he was evicted from the show on immediate basis.

Priyank, who was in Delhi, opened up about what happened and also answered questions his upset fans wanted to know desperately.

Ques: Do you regret of having interfered in Vikas Gupta and Akash Dadlani’s fight?
Priyank – I don’t regret interfering into Vikas and Akash’ fight. Infact I became the hero in real life. I genuinely fought for my friend but I agree that my way was wrong and I am extremely apologetic about it. Salman sir too made me understand about the entire scenario post my eviction. But this fight and the eviction made me realise how much my fans loved me.

When I came out, I was overwhelmed seeing them stand by me. This eviction has worked in my favour. I cannot say whether my eviction decision was fair or unfair but I definitely deserve another chance. More than being popular inside the house, I have become a real-life hero outside the show. My parents were proud of my stand.

Ques: Did Salman Khan made you understand your mistake post eviction?
Priyank – Oh Yes…I had a word with him and he tried to explain it to me well. He was happy for my stand but disappointed with my behaviour. He thought I could have been in the finals. That was a victory for me in real sense.

Ques: While your stay inside the Bigg Boss house, you were linked up with Hina Khan, Benafasha Soonawalla and even as a gay partner of Vikas Gupta. What is your take?
Priyank – If people are thinking bromance and brotherhood are the same, then I don’t know what to say. Not that being a gay or bisexual is wrong but I am straight. Vikas accepts that he is bisexual and there is nothing wrong in it. Those (in the house) who say that being a gay is wrong, actually are going against the entire community. I was linked up with almost every girl in the house and I was surprised to see all of these link ups as soon as I got evicted.

Ques: How did your girlfriend Divya react to your link-up rumours?
Priyank- Divya was taken aback by the rumours and link ups. But when I met her, she was cool later. She believes me and trusts me. Some people did try to link me but she knows that Vikas and I are just good friends. Now she remains unaffected.

Ques: It’s currently Hina Khan vs Vikas Gupta inside the house. What do you have to say about the new enmity amongst your own good friends?
Priyank – I think Vikas and Hina just had a heated moment that day over the topic of Vikas’ sexual preference. Also I don’t feel that he wants to explain it to everybody about his sexuality and why should he… that’s his choice. There’s been a major misunderstanding in the house in between Vikas and Hina owing to the negativity. But I am sure that they are mature enough to sort it out.

Ques: Well, what about Vikas Gupta vs Shilpa Shinde?
Priyank – Shilpa Shinde herself accepts that she is a psycho. She has a split personality and I have personally experienced that. At one time, I have seen her being the best lady in the world and in minutes she becomes the nastiest. She is a psycho and definitely has some major problem. Her focus inside the show is Vikas as of now. If you go and tell her that she’s wrong, she will be rude.

Every night, we all used to be scared of Shilpa Shinde and wonder what will be her next thing. I myself haven’t slept at nights because of her. She is scary. Plus she is definitely in a wrong company of Arshi. It’s a wrong combo; while one is already negative, the other one picks and creates fights. Actually, Arshi, Shilpa and Puneesh Sharma are people with double standards.

Ques: Zubair Khan has opened a can of worms against Salman Khan? What do you have to say about it since you have witnessed it?
Priyank – I don’t know what happened between Salman Bhai and Zubair Bhai, so I can’t really comment.

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Ques: Now that you have had a better understanding of the game post eviction, if given a chance to go inside BB house, how would you play your game? Any special strategy?
Priyank – I want to stay and not change at all. I would want to be the same as I am and if I get a chance to go inside the house, I would be playing my game. I was silent earlier because that was required then but now I don’t think I will. Apart from the fight, I did not overdo anything but now it’s time to play my cards right.

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