Ewww! Bigg Boss 8: Who all do shit but don’t flush?

Ewww! Bigg Boss 8 Who all do shit but don’t flush

Personal hygiene should definitely prevail in the flashy house of Bigg Boss season 8.From what we gather, after Mr Gay India Sushant Divgikar made an official complaint to the newly-appointed captain of the house Ali Quali Mirza, it is clear that some inmates are using the washroom but are royally ignoring the act that should come instinctively after ‘having done’, that is, to flush!

Oh C’mon our darling celebs in the house, just like us mere mortals, have normal bowel movements which require them to relieve themselves, but what is NOT acceptable is the fact that some folks are leaving their…marks to turn other (folks who are regular at the act of flushing) inmates’ stomach right over.

When Praneet and Ali were discussing how disorganized the house looks and how some people litter things around, Diandra Soares responded with her trademark bluntness. ” Some people should know the basic hygiene first,” said Miss Soares. Sushant Divgikar too nodded his head to that remark. Sushant even went on to complain that in spite of having told a zillion times that there’s a flush in the washroom that meant to be used, some people are not doing the needful-only to cause more trouble to others.

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Now we feel sorry for Susghant and Diandra for what they must have witnessed before using the seat, as if the horrible tasks they have to complete are not harrowing enough. We seriously hope those who indulge in such (mal)practice will get their act right and be more responsible (USE THE FLUSH,GUYS!) before they get caught red handed.

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