Everyone hates Puneet Issar’s chaddis: Deepshikha Nagpal

Everyone hates Puneet Issar’s chaddis: Deepshikha Nagpal

Actress Deepshikha has always been known for her frank and forthright views. And she doesn’t mind airing them either. Now that actor Puneet Issar has taken big-time punga with her and made snide comments behind her back, the lady is ready to lock horns with him.

No sense of propriety
Along with Puneet’s sly remarks, Deepshikha has a lot to say about his ‘weird sense of dressing.’ She goes on to add: “Everyone hates Puneet Issar’s chaddis. They are so tiny and look mighty ugly on him. Even we ladies can’t dare to wear such clothes on national television! We would tell him hazar times not to wear those sick clothes and he would say ‘I wear this at home too.’ Aree toh ghar mein pehno na! Bigg Boss’ house is not your home! That man really has no sense of propriety!”

Diandra and Karishma will teach a lesson to these men

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Ask her who among the women will be seen in her element in the coming weeks and Deepshikha says: “Watch out for Diandra Soares and Karishama Tanna! They will not take this bossing around, which Puneet, Pritam and gang are indulging in! They will teach a lesson to these men!

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