BREAKING Bigg Boss 9 Task Revealed: The House Turns Into Village!

Earlier, we Exclusively revealed that the five contestants are nominated for the second week in Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble house. Five contestants Prince, Rimi, Mandana, Roopal and Aman have been nominated for this week.

Now we exclusively reveal this week’s luxury task where the contestants have to perform badly to impress their ‘Mukhya’. Yes, the 24 hour luxury task named ‘Lagaan’ happened to be the interesting and kind of mind freshen task for the contestants.

The contestants turned to be villagers in the task, while the one jodi was elected as the ‘mukhya’ of the village. Jodi Kishwar-Aman were the ‘mukhya’ of the village, while Arvind Vegda was the supervisor of the task.

The villagers had to pay ‘Lagaan’ to use any particular area of the house. All the contestants who were the villagers in the task had to pay ‘lagaan’ to Kishwar-Aman if they wanted to use kitchen, washroom, bedroom and other parts of the house. Taking Kishwar-Aman’s permission was must in the task!

But well, to use any corner of the house, the villagers had to work and earn some amount to pay ‘lagaan’. They were asked to grind wheat in hand grinder machine in order to get something in exchange. Impressing the ‘mukhyas’ of the village, the villagers had to perform the task in the garden area while Arvind supervised the entire task.

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The task will go on for 24 hours and we wonder what the task has in its store for the contestants and that what more drama is going to come for the audiences. Stay tuned to to catch more exclusive updates on Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble!

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