Bigg fights, Bigg drama! Recap, Day 88


Karishma was objecting that using cusion isn’t allowed but Praneet was helping Pritam with the same. But the fight started off when Dimpy intervened and continuously kept poking Pritam to irritate him and make him get up. He once pushed her hand away and in that process she got hurt.

Dimpy asked for Pritam’s disqualification but no one was ready to support her. Both Pritam and Dimpy started taunting each other and when Ali came in between to stop them Upen tackled him from behind and in the process he got hurt. Upen was trying to do it in fun but Ali got serious and both threatened each other to hit.

Somehow they managed to separate Ali and Upen but then Pritam started blaming for creating the whole mess. When she heard about this she charged at Pritam and abused him. Pritam lost his cool on hearing abuses and got out of the chair leaving the task!

Puneet tried explaining Dimpy that she was at fault in the situation but she went first to provoke Pritam and she was the first one to abuse him.

Puneet then even had a word with Upen explaining him that he’s behaving weird this week and he needs to get a grip on himself. It’s not only him but his career also at stake .

Upen tried instigating Gautam blaming him to have “used” Diandra in the game. Gautam justified saying that he and Diandra will remain friends even outside and Upen can make his own judgements. From behind Pritam supported Gautam telling Praneet that even Diandra did the same with Gautam and she too used him to be in the game.

Dimpy argued with Praneet over house duties wherein Praneet said he’s already doing 3 jobs and trying to cover up for Upen who isn’t ready to do any work. Later Upen was seen consoling Dimpy and others felt Upen was being two-faced.

Dimpy informed Gautam that everyone is supporting him in the house and trying to give it a P3G group angle. All three discussed that how no one here is truly each other’s friend except Gautam and Puneet and Sonali is the biggest loyalty-shifter.

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Before the day ended Pritam came and apologised to Dimpy for his bad behaviour in the task. Puneet still maintained that it was Dimpy who was at fault because she shouldn’t have gotten in the situation in the first place.

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