Bigg Bosss 11: From being accused of molestation to nasty fights with Shilpa Shinde, a look into Vikas Gupta’s controversial past

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Vikas Gupta has ruffled quite a few feathers in the Bigg Boss house. It’s not just his fights with co-contestants but also his sexual orientation that has come under the scanner. Here’s a quick look at his controversial and hidden past.

The two were best friends until their nasty fight turned things ugly. Vikas’ relationship with Parth was disclosed by unknown sources through a video where the two were seen getting intimate. Ekta Kapoor, too, had confirmed the news of their affair to a daily last year.

Parth Samthaan also consequently sent Vikas a notice in December 2015, accusing him of molestation, non-payment of dues for working on his show and constant threats of ruining his career.

Their fight is now all public, thanks to Bigg Boss 11. It started from the day Shilpa walked out of ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai’. According to the actress, Vikas was the reason behind her ouster and he was the one who also spread rumours about her unprofessional attitude in the media.

The two have been constantly fighting ever since the premiere episode of Bigg Boss 11. While Shilpa is taking revenge from Vikas for making her suffer and spreading false rumours about her, Vikas is bent upon defending himself and showing the world who Shilpa really is.

In the house, Vikas’ sexual orientation again came under the scanner when his special friendship with Priyank Sharma came to be ridiculed by some of the inmates. Vikas had to struggle to steer clear from people who called him ‘gay’, which included commoner Arshi Khan.

In no time, Vikas drew all the attention in the house for creating a ruckus. Be it his arguments with Shilpa or his fight with Hina, he is often found at the centre of all the drama in the house.

After his ugly fight with Hina Khan where he was accused of lying to the rest of the inmates, Vikas got so frustrated that he walked away and jumped off wall of the Bigg Boss house. Hence, breaking one of its cardinal rules.

The producer was known to have a friendly bond with Hina until she became friends with Arshi after Priyank left the house. This left Vikas fuming for her dual personality. He then turned against Hina and got into petty fights with her.

However, after the last episode, the two have made peace and resolved their differences. Burying the past, Weekend Ka Vaar that aired on October 15, saw the two clearing the air and not letting the politics of the game come in their way.

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