Bigg Boss Weekend ka Halla Bol: Sambhavna Seth targets Dimpy Mahajan on Rahul Mahajan’s request!

Bigg Boss Weekend ka Halla Bol: Sambhavna Seth targets Dimpy Mahajan on Rahul Mahajan’s request

Farah Khan tries to fill in ex-host Salman Khan’s shoes by imitating his style of starting the weekend episode. However, no one in the industry can ever match to the levels of the Dabangg actor. Nonetheless, we have to accept the fact that Salman is no more associated with the show and the show has to go on.

Early in the morning, Rahul was again making attempts to flirt around with Tanna. He even asks Sambhavana whether she thinks Karishma is having any feelings for him. Sambhavana simply denied saying that all his efforts are going futile and his plans to stick on to this romantic angle will not work anymore.

Farah has come with her chadhi to teach a lesson to the contestants. She definitely began on a lighter note by cheering up the housemates. Sambhavana having got majority of the votes for being a zero contestant has to sit on the punishment chair.

Farah then enquired whether someone has started filling Puneet Issar’s place in Gautam’s life. No just physically but also emotionally, Sambhavans is offering him a dependent support by every means.

Then came Farah’s private class time and she started picking up contestants one by one. First was Ali Quli Mirza’s turn and his tiff with Ajaz that resulted into his elimination was topic of discussion. Sambhavana who was waiting for a chance to speak dragged the subject out of context again. Sambhavana was the next to get some scolding from their new host. Farah simply asked what made Dimpy provoke to such an extent that she started to pounce on her. The host also questioned why none of the housemates came in for Dimpy’s support.

Karishma being Dimpy’s friend didn’t take stand for her friend, especially when she needed her the most. Farah looked simply tired of the incessant fights taking place in the house. Instead of resolving the matters she simply chose to ignore the subject all together. Sambahvana was punished to wash Dimpy and Rahul’s clothes for the week.

The Snapdeal caller of the week brought a bell for Gautam to alert him against the alleged dangers against him in his life. Gautam’s dependent nature is overshadowing his own personality. Gautam, on the other hand, tried to convince everyone that he is alert enough to know whats going on around him.

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The housemates have no clue that there will be no eliminations this week. However, while bidding her final goodbye to the contestants Farah revealed that all the contestants will continue with their stay this week.

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