Bigg Boss take the Fabulous Five of season 8 down the memory lane!

Bigg Boss take the Fabulous Five of season 8 down the memory lane!

The fabulous five of Bigg Boss season 8 were still reminiscing about their stay in the house for such a long time, when Bigg Boss thought of giving them a special surprise. A treat to our top finalists who made it till here!

All the housemates were called inside the activity room, which looked no less than a theatre hall; full of darkness with one television LED placed at the centre. Initially, they all felt excited that may be Bigg Boss had a change of mind and would show them some nice movie, but then it was immediately announced that the special bonds that were formed during the season were much more than the game.

And then began the super journey of Bigg Boss 8 contestants, atarting with Gautam-Diandra, followed by Upma and Dimpy-Rahul!! The videos were so beautifully made that Dimpy started sobbing immediately. Once the screening was over, Pritam and Ali felt left out and complained to Bigg Boss saying, “Humne kya kiya hai” Ali even told funnily that just because the duo didn’t have any love angle their stories weren’t shown.

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But Bigg Boss thinks 10 steops ahead of us all. Later during the day housemates were called once again and shown some special highlights of all five of them! Finally, that brought smiles on Pritam and Ali’s faces.

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