Bigg Boss refreshes this season’s memories with the fabulous five!

Bigg Boss refreshes this season's memories with the fabulous five

I have heard that Bigg Boss is going to miss all the finalists of the season. After all, it was the longest season ever *Ehehehe*, the housemates on the second last day of the show were told that they would be sent in with some yummy delicacies for the supper.

What else could they ask for? They had anyway been longing to get some special treatment, especially now since they were the top 5. No doubt they deserved this little surprise and more than that, Bigg Boss ensured they are treated with some nice things before the final good-bye.

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So, each housemate was called inside the confession room individually to share their journey in the house and were also asked some special questions like –Their favorite corner of the house. Their journey with those co-contestants without whom the season would have been incomplete. What would they miss the most about the house and what changes they’ve found in themselves after so long staying inside the house!

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