Bigg Boss: Look here’s another bro-sis pair in the house!

Bigg Boss: Look here's another bro-sis pair in the house

The boys in the house thought to have some fun amongst each other asking humourously to Pritam, who is the so called sharif boy of the house with a clean image that, which girl in the house he likes the most!

Pritam tried to avoid the topic, but the boys coaxed him so much that he gave in to the insistence and confessed that if I was single then one girl I would have dated is Karishma! Accha ji Pritam tum toh bade chupe rustam nikle! But someone in the group didn’t like the joke about his sister.

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Ali, the controversy king of the house, who was full of ‘Behen prem’ all set to protect his sister from the world by then, walked up to Karishma telling her,“Aap jaisi ho waisi hi rehna,and maintain a certain distance from all the boys in the house”.

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