Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Who made Sambhavna and Sana Khan so upset?

Who made Sambhavna and Sana Khan so upset

Post nominations, Sambhavna looked a little upset with Mahek, who took her name during nominations. Sambhavna told Mahek, who was working in the kitchen “Maine tere saath dosti nibhaayi magar tune game khela.” Though Sambhavna knew that Mahek had to nominate someone or the other, still she felt she could have taken other name and not hers knowing the fact that she is good friends with her.

Mahek tried explaining that, one of the reasons why she took her name was because she knew she wouldn’t go out of the house this week even though she was nominated. Sambhavna said that, she clearly knew this was not the right reason and something must be surely going on inside her mind while she made the decision.

Meanwhile, Sana got really upset with Ali who nominated her. According to Sana, one day while she was making chapatis, Ali felt very happy about something and promised her that he would never ever nominate her because he liked her as a person.

Sana said she fell for his words but didn’t know that Ali was a fake person as she called him a ‘Dogla’. Ali shrugged his shoulders in response saying he was pretty convinced with his decision and he didn’t regret anything!

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Well, well back stabbing is one core plan which takes them ahead in the game.That’s why they say ‘Everything is fair in love and war’!

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