Bigg Boss Halla Bol: What? Gautam Champion ban ne ke layak nahi hai?

What? Gautam Champion ban ne ke layak nahi hai

Bigg Boss had clearly mentioned during the Luxury budget task that once the task would get over, there would be one best player and another worst player chosen, the selection of whom would affect the next captaincy task and nominations. As Bigg Boss called both the teams, and asked them to decide the worst player from Champions team and the best player from the Challengers!

In no time, team Champions was ready with their name. They quickly decided that just because Gautam didn’t play like a team he was the worst player. Gautam looked non-challant and absolutely cool with the way majority thought.Whereas, Challengers chose Mahek being the best player from their team.I was wondering why not Rahul?

Once the names were given, all of them were told that since Gautam and Mahek were the chosen ones, the two will swap their teams. This meant, Gautam would play as a Challenger having same perks or no perks allotted to the team whereas, Mahek as a Champion with the added advantage. Yeah! Now this wasn’t expected at all.

Kahaani mein twist? Gautam being on the losing end was asked to go in the store room and find the t-shirt which he was supposed to wear for the rest of the day. And guess what was written on it ? It was – “Main Champion banne ke laayak nahi”, first he laughed alone looking at it but then he took it quite sportingly in his very own style! Wearing immediately and flaunting proudly.

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Guess who laughed the most looking at Gautam! Do I need to spell out the name?

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