Bigg Boss Halla Bol: What all happened when Mallika Sherawat entered the house?

Bigg Boss Halla Bol: What all happened when Mallika Sherawat entered the house

So this weekend’s special guest is Mallika Sherawat.She entered the Bigg Boss house to promote her upcoming movie ‘Dirty Politics’. When you have someone like Mallika in the house how can you expect things to be all thanda?!! Mallika and Pritam spoke over a call wherein Pritam spoke in his usual flirtatious tone on the kind of clothes one should be wearing! You got to see how Pritam tried to woo her!

Mallika went on asking one by one with everyone around,that who was that one person according to them in the house who was playing the dirtiest politics. Karishma took Pritam’s name,whereas most of them named Ali who was playing the dirtiest game in the show. This made Ali feel very offended and shocked, I wonder why?! You need to watch his reactions over the same!

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Also then Mallika asked UpMa to enact a sequence wherein KT would propose Upen and ask him out for a date but Upen should refuse to it. But later KT should manage to convince Oopi. Today’s episode will be boiling hot, thanks to Ms.Sherawat!

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