Bigg Boss Halla Bol: Upen Patel forces Karishma Tanna for a kiss

Upen compares KT to the great 'Taj Mahal' *Faint*

Bigg Boss Halla Bol is slowly coming to an end and very soon the finale will be upon us. But before that happens, several will be eliminated.

Mahek Chahal eliminated

In the middle of the night Bigg Boss announces surprise elimination. Pritam, who won the challenge was saved from the elimination process and pushed directly to the final week. Dimpy Ganguly, and Karishma Tanna were saved from being ousted from the house. Unfortunately, Mahek Chahal got eliminated in the process.

Upen Patel’s demands from Karishma

Early in the morning, Upen Patel demands Karishma for a kiss in public. Obviously, the leggy lass refuses. So Ali packs Upen’s stuff and asks him to leave the house if Karishma doesn’t fulfil his demand. Ultimately, Karishma agrees and kisses Upen on his cheeks.


Bigg Boss announces Pritam safe from nominations and announces him as the new captain of the house. He then gives Karishma a special right to nominate someone in the game and she picks Ali Quli Mirza. All the contestants are then asked to nominate one person each whom they’d like to save this week. Pritam and Ali vote for Gautam Gulati, while Sambhavna and Gautam vote for Karishma. Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy vote for each other, but it doesn’t save them from being nominated.

Dimpy vs Sambhavna

In the garden area, Ali tells Sambhavna that Dimpy is upset with her for not saving her. Sambhavna confronts Dimpy and they have a huge yelling match. Dimpy tells Sambhavna that she used her to improve her image and did not fulfil her duties as her friend. However, the argument soon shifts to how Ali is trying to poison everyone’s mind and telling tales.

Ring for gift

Bigg Boss comes up with a new game to bring people closer. Everyone has to pick a something for the other person. Karishma picks a T-shirt for Upen and he selects a ring for Tanna. He then tells her that once outside, he will gift her a real ring. Ahem…ahem!


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Gautam Gulati provokes Pritam as he wants to know why his so called friend did not support him. Pritam loses his cool and asks Gautam to mind his tongue. Gautam breaks down after being betrayed by Pritam. So don’t forget to tune in again to watch some more drama.

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