Bigg Boss Halla Bol: They are not nervous but excited for the finale!

They are not nervous but excited for the finale

For a moment it looked as if it was the first day for everyone in the Bigg Boss house! Not even a faint line of nervousness or anxiousness could be seen on their faces. Rathr, all they did was rejoicing and dancing. Gautam was literally found dancing and singing songs, which had no literal meaning, in an excitement to see his family in a few days.

The lawn had a board that displayed the countdown of 2 days remaining after which all the housemates would bid adieu and especially one amongst the 5, who would take home the winner’s trophy. Everyone had already started dreaming by now and seemed lost in thoughts. Certainly, now all that mattered was the trophy for the season.

For the first time, all the housemates sat together to eat. Pritam still seemed miffed with Gauti, who was normal by then, but Ali went yapping the whole time. Quite expected! Would he ever keep quite for anyone and anything? *Lol*

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Sense of achievement was all you could see on everyone’s face. I hear their hearts beating faster with every passing moment now!

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